Coffee Shops

Hello everyone. Welcome to my site and my journey to find the best coffee shops to work in as a freelancer or remote worker. I know as a freelancer myself I find it difficult to concentrate in my tiny flat and with so many amazing coffee shops around London why not try a few out.

If you’re anything like me you have a few criteria when looking for a place to sit down for the day and get work done so I’ve created a couple of things to rate coffee shops on. The first being WiFi and power plug availability because without a computer thats fully charged and connection to internet there isn’t much to be done. The second criteria is table and seating choices because no one wants to be crammed on a tiny table with a stranger and no room to move. The third thing is food and drink options because if a coffee shop has terrible coffee and no food options you probably won’t last very long. Fourth thing is location in the city and the final thing is the actual environment, so the aesthetics of the place. Let’s be honest that cool coffee shop will probably end up on your instagram or social media in some way right?

Follow along as I find the best places around London!