The Hoxton Hotel- Holborn

You’re probably thinking hotel? Isn’t this meant to be about coffee shops and the answer is yes, but the Hoxton specifically their Holborn branch has a beautiful lobby with restaurant where people consistently sit and work on laptops, have meetings or catch up with friends. I’ve been to the Hoxton more times than I can count and you can almost always find a seat on one of their comfy couches or at a table if their booths are all full. They’ve got free wifi, a full bar and restaurant including smoothies, coffee, tea and cocktails and welcome freelancers, students and everyone in between.

Location: 199-206 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BD

Hours: Its a hotel so whenever although their restaurant is only open through dinner hours.

Full Review: I’ve had everything from sit down dinners to a casual coffee to a smoothie while working here and everything has been great. My favourite part is that you won’t ever be the only one working as the lobby is literally always filled with people making it the perfect environment to people watch and work. 9/10

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