Chairs and Cofee

Chairs and Coffee is a place I discovered back in the Autumn when I was trying to find a place to grab coffee with a friend who lives in Fulham. I first went on the weekend for brunch, but knew I had to go back during the week to spend an afternoon. With chairs a plenty, they literally have chairs hanging on the wall, you’ll be able to find yourself a space to sit and work for a few hours. While they do operate a laptop free weekend policy, they are happy to have people come in during the week to work on their laptops, read, or do as they please. With relatively fast wifi, good work vibes and great coffee I have found myself visiting a fair few times since discovering it.

Location: 512 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5NJ

Hours: Mon- Fri 8am to 5pm

Sat/Sun: 9am to 5pm

Full review: I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Chairs and Coffee mainly due to their friendly staff. They also have a great brunch and I’ve never had an issue getting a table during the week to work for a few hours. Their coffee is wonderful and they also have a variety of tea lattes which I’ve tried and are delicious. If you are in the Fulham/ Chelsea area and want a casual work environment then you should head to Chairs and Coffee. 9/10

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