Brick Wood Coffee and Bread

Brick Wood Coffee and Bread might just have stolen my heart. Its the most perfect Aussie cafe in Clapham Common with a stellar brunch menu, coffee and teas, wifi, plenty of space, and they welcome dogs which I am right away a fan of. The day I went it was on the warmer side and with their fabulous outdoor area you can’t help but fall head over heels for this cafe. I had a slice of their banana bread which is a new obsession of mine. Their banana bread comes toasted with a side of espresso butter, which I have no words to describe how delicious it is. They’ve got super friendly staff and maybe one of the best flat whites I’ve had in a while. I was blown away by the amount of work space they actually have and with such a variety of table sizes and spaces, it would be the ideal space to have a small meeting or spend a day working.

Location: 16, Clapham Common South Side, Lambeth, SW4 7AB

Hours: Open 7-6 weekdays / 9-6 weekends

Final Review: Brickwood has fast wifi, an amazing outdoor space, plenty of indoor seating, plugs spaced throughout, super friendly staff, plenty of food and drink options and great work vibes. I have found a new favourite place to go work, meet friends to chat or grab brunch. I would highly recommend you venturing down south to check it out. 9/10

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