2 Love Tea and Coffee House

2 Love Tea and Coffee House is located about 10 minutes from the Clapham Junction station which is my neck of the woods. I walked past this place a million times before deciding to go sit and work for a few hours one morning. While not the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shop in all of London, the staff are friendly, the coffee and tea choices are a plenty and they’ve got fast wifi with plenty of tables and plugs. What more do you really need? Plus they have a piano as a table. Yeah I thought that was cool too.

Address: 89 St John’s Rd, London SW11 1QY



What’s offered here:

  • Coffee, tea, and cakes
  • free wifi (fast too!)
  • lots of tables
  • plenty of plug sockets
  • friendly staff
  • music theme (slightly random)

Final Review: While you probably won’t get the cutest instagram here you will find a table, fast wifi and some fuel which is really all you need. Considering this place is so close to my flat it has quickly become a go to of mine especially when I just need to work for an hour or two. 8/10

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