Timberyard is located in Seven Dials and is the epitome of a freelancer’s dream. They advertise as a workspace powered by purchases.

Location: TY Seven Dials

7 Upper Saint Martin’s Lane

London WC2H 9DL

Offered here:

  •  Food & Drinks
  •  Reverse Osmosis Water
  •  Free Wifi
  •  Electrical Juice
  •  Meeting Space
  •  Projector & Screen
  •  Air Conditioning

Review: Timberyard has plenty of tables and outlets available for use across their two story cafe. The ground floor is perfect if you want to be right in the middle of the action or sit in front of the huge windows and see the world go by., On the flip side, the basement is ideal for those days where you need to sit with your head down and stuff done or have a meeting you need to take. IN FACT, TImberyard offers meeting spaces for rent to their customers. The coffee is delicious, they offer a loyalty card, the staff is so friendly and the food is spot on. You honestly can’t go wrong with a day at Timberyard.

Final score: 9/10

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